New year

This year, the wonderful year of 2015. I would like to experience more things and become a better person. I don’t really have any set goals, but I do know that I want to be happier. I want to level up at my job and become a better worker. I want to pass semester 2 of school with good grades and not fail any classes. I want to listen to more music and see more movies. Anything I haven’t done, I would love to do.

Maybe I can make new friends or meet someone new or something. I can hangout with my new animals more. I don’t really a new year means new you. Like when I wake up I’m still the same person as I was in 2014. I don’t feel like I have any new chances for anything or for anyone. But I don’t know. I’m to negative to actually want to do anything for 2015. My goal for this year is to write 2015 instead of 2014. Which will not be easy. So that’s my main goal.


Day n’ Night

What is wrong with the people here. All business no fun. Why can’t life just be like the night society where everyone is chill and they party and let back. Here in the day time society I’d say things are pretty stupid.

You might be asking “Well, if he hates it so bad, why is he there.” I wouldn’t be here if it was for my mother and father. You see, I’m here because I’m lazy and I can’t get a job yet. I’m only 17 anyways, can’t do much at this age. My mom moved here without my consent because she knew I wouldn’t like it. My dad, well he is my step dad. My real dad left because things got to though with him and my mom. That’s the reason we moved. I had the choice to stay with my mom, or dad. I chose my mom only because my dad already had found a new girlfriend and I honestly hated her.

The daytime society is really just a lot of work, a lot of boring places. I’m not old enough to get a cool job like that yet. Here its kind of like a curfew thing. Day time people are not able to go out after nine o’clock. Night time fellas are supposed to be in their house by seven o’clock. We really all have equal times. You may not think that the night folks can stay out that long but, oh boy they can.

I want a new experience. I want to see what it’s like to party and be cool and have lots of friends. I’m gonna do it, i’m going to sneak out with my night society friends and I’ll be home before anyone knows it. I needed a new avdenture and now was my only chance.

When nine o’clock ran around my parents stayed up a little and watched some TV. I waited in my room, picking out a cool outfit to wear. I decided on black skinny jeans with high top shoes and a Wiz Khalifa shirt. Yes, this was my time to shine and I looked way amazing. When they got here I just waited so I could climb down my window and leave. I put some pillows under my blankets and went on my way.

When we got to the club there was so many people there. All drinking and having a good time, it was so fun. I think I drank so much a blacked out. Oh no, I didn’t black out. I just got sever alcohol poisoning and ended up in the hospital for a few days with the cops and my parents on my tail about how I need to “Stay in the day time society and get new friends because they’re bad influences.”

I listened to my mother. It was better do sit and do nothing then to get arrested for underage drinking and alcohol poisoning. Lesson learned.

Let’s get real here.

Some of these dreams in life I would love to fulfill. Most of them are totally and completely unrealistic. But do I care, nah. Everyone has a dream. Just like on tangled alright. We all have something in life we would love to experience or do when we maybe get a little older.

Some examples are me. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I love animals more than anything and I want to help the cute little fella’s when they’re sick or something. I have a lot of animals at home and whenever I see any of them are upset or sad or hurt in anyway, it hurts me too. Also, whenever I see like a dead animals on the side of the road it makes me want to cry just because I love animals that much.

Smaller things I would love to experience in my life is stuff like seeing my favorite people in concert, and meeting my favorite celebrity. I would die if I saw Lady Gaga and The Weeknd in concert. I would die even more if I met Norman Reedus my favorite actor on the planet who is not very known for much, other than being Daryl Dixon on The Walking dead.

Unrealistic ones would be stuff like winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire over night. But I would really love those things. But anyways, having a dream set in our lives could be something small but really important. Goal setting was probably one of the most boring things I learned in Health class, but totally one of the most useful. So let’s all share our dreams and be happy and one day we can fulfill those dreams and live the life we’ve always wanted to live.


Challenges. What is is about those things but making choices is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I used to date this person. That person and my best friend hated each other. Which is funny because they’re not really good friends. But anyways, we all got in this really big fight. I was forced to choose between her or my best friend. It was hard. I always liked the fact that you always put your friends first, but I was dating this girl for two years. I was best friends with this guy for 5. I really loved them both. I ended up losing them both. I couldn’t choose, I wasn’t going to choose. After about 6 months i got my best friend back. And he made me realize that the girl was not good for me, I learned that after i lost him for a long time. I wish i would have just listened to him. But that’s really the only big choice i was being forced to choose. I’m glad i have my best friend back. And I’m even still good friends with that girl. Okay, the end.


I am not a very interesting person but I can sure try to be. I really like to write stories or stuff about experiences I have had. I haven’t had much but even when i have the smallest ones or the dumbest little things i like to write them down. Music really is the only thing in life that can truly ever make me happy. As well as food. I love all types of music but my favorites are totally Indie, Indie rock, rock, and rap is alright. Country really isn’t my thing but if you like it that’s totally cool too. My favorite color is yellow because it is bright and happy and my best friend ever is Dayton. I don’t know much about me anymore. Is it just me or when someone asks you to tell them about yourself you forget who you are? Story of my life. In my free time I like to play video games or go long boarding, or sometimes just go on the internet for like 8 consecutive hours. I love to read, my favorite book ever is Walk two Moons. Anyways that’s about it! So I hope you enjoy the little things i will post and stuff. Okay bye now.